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Innovating with iBooks Author and Pages

  1. Introduction
  2. Why create your own textbooks?
  3. What is iBooks Author and How Awesome is it Really!!!
  4. What do we have to show for our efforts?
  5. How Easy Is It?
  6. Where to now?
    • Serge is looking for some Journalism training: Possibly from the Reynolds HSJ Institute
    • Steve has a lot of work:
      • Many more units to cover and create guides for
      • Need to take data on how students use my booklets. Do they actually engage with the material in a deeper way than they would with a traditional textbook.
    • Summer iBooks Hackathon - More details at 11:30-12:30 in D0-01A or on our website
      • Come collaborate with other Michigan educators to create modules.
      • June 11, 12 - Kent ISD
      • June 18,19 - Wayne State University