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Mobile Learning Conference

With iBooks Author you can create awesome interactive textbooks for use on iPads or Macs. I will walk you through the creation of ebooks that can be used to support classroom instruction, blended learning or a Flipped classroom. We’ll also toss in a little TPACK and rethink what a textbook can be.

Outline and Links:
  • Overview of interactive iBooks
  • The tool I've been waiting for? A textbook doesn't exist for my electronics class, so I've been experimenting with making my own. epub was close, but had some key limitations. About four years ago I dramatically changed the way I teach physics. Two years ago I stopped using a textbook altogether.
  • Teacher Created Textbooks
    • Traditionally textbooks try to be complete reference books as well as books to teach. Your book doesn’t have to be both. You can leave some parts unanswered on purpose. Traditional textbooks can’t (or won’t).
    • You can link to specific sites on the internet and use the web as your reference. That way your book can focus on teaching
    • You can match the tool to what you want your students to know and how you plan to teach it! TPACK.org
    • Derek Muller on the effectiveness of videos to teach science. Was very enlightening for me. Learning by doing is much more effective than learning by watching.
  • Student Created iBooks
  • Advantages
    • Interactive - Can easily include videos and cool interactive elements
    • Price* - If you create your own they're free! If you buy them they tend to be less than $14.99
    • Focused on your Curriculum - You are a content expert. If you’ve designed your own curriculum there probably isn’t a textbook to support it.
  • Limitations
    • Only iPad or a Mac running latest operating system (Mavericks)
    • Files can get huge. If you have a lot of videos these books can get very big.
    • You have to do all of the work… Or do you? Open Educational Resources.
  • Five Minute book creation:
  • Shameless Plug - iBookHack - June 16-19 in Zeeland Michigan.