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Suggested Resources

iTunesU Courses: If you click these links on your iPad they will launch in the iTunesU app. Assuming you've already downloaded it.

Here are some pretty good resources. I grabbed this list from Anthony DiLaura's blog. Anthony teaches math on the west side of the state.
  • iBooks Author for Dummies - Mostly text and pictures. This is a good place to go after you've been playing for awhile. Not a great place to start.
  • Apple's iBooks Author Overview - Official Apple tutorials
  • Tumult Hype - Hype is a program you can use to create animations for your iBooks. With a bit of learning you can make these interactive as well.
  • Extra Templates for iBooks - These are not free, but they're not to expensive. It might be worth getting one to set your work apart.
  • Bookry - Great place to go to add more interactivity to your books.